Set up

It sits between the Guaranteed pooled fund and a Standalone fund.
It benefits from the advantages of a non-insured fund on one side while retaining the benefits of a large pooled fund on the other.

It is a non- insured Fund and thus investment risk is borne by the member. In other words, it is prone to investment volatility (but the chances of this happening are almost negligible since Investment managers ensure they invest in high return assets and monitor their performance)

Allocation of Funds

Contributions and investment returns shall be allocated in line with the funds Trust deed and Rules.

Investment Option

  • Employer and members participate in Investment Decision Making through Pension Advisory Committee
  • The assets of the fund will be invested in a range of asset classes according to the investment mandate approved by Pension Advisory Committee.
  • Alternatively, the assets can be in one pool.

Allocation of investment returns

  • The Fund trust shall not maintain a reserve to balance the Fund, but investment returns shall be allocated as they are earned.
  • Returns shall be allocated as bonuses at the end of the year.
  • Interim bonus rate shall be declared by the trustees at the start of the year.
  • There is an Option to allocate using units valuation

Benefits to the Employer

  • Optional Representation in Investment Decision Making
  • A professional and well-managed programme that requires minimal employer involvement. This allows the employer to focus on its core business.
  • Economies of scale and lower overall costs than Standalone Pension fund arrangements.
  • Regular communication with the employer (Quarterly). In addition, Self-service Portal and USSD..*323# access.

Benefits to the Member

  • Optional Representation in investment decision-making
  • Constant Investment and performance reporting.
  • Reduced risk, and thus high returns, through larger and better-diversified investment portfolios.
  • Regular engagement and communication with members. Able to view their information online(Customer Portal) and via USSD.